Off Site Project – Google Maps [Curator] in Residence

Off Site Project – Curator in Residence on Google Maps platform

01/08/2021 – 31/10/2021

While not a group show, The New Bucolic and the residency project has been a chance to engage with artists whose work I like and think contributes an important aspect to the discourses around digital space. All the works mapped are included with the permission of the artist(s) and with many personal conversations that have taken place around them. Works are mapped by the following artists (in the order in which they were added):

Tamara Kametani
Tabita Rezaire
Soyoung Chung
Léa Porré
Caline Aoun
Hannah Rowan
Bob Bicknell-Knight
David Blandy
Nye Thompson
Mel Galley
Liliana Farber
Liam Young
Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg
Cassie McQuater
Elvia Wilk

Thank you.


Curatorial Statement: Broadly, beyond the residency, my research concerns the philosophy of material, digital art practices, and ecology. And so my residency project is, formally, a simple one: I am aiming to map locations on the Offsite platform across Google Maps that have been digitally rendered or depicted through artists’ work or research. I hope that this simple act of association between the physical and non-physical material of place will hopefully help elucidate what we mean when we say “material”.

In addition to this signposting or pinpointing, I hope to accumulate a repository of texts, like a reading list or library, and as much information about the artists I have contacted as possible, conversations, emails, etc. I hope the number of collaborators, archive, blog, and library etc will grow until its final formation at the end of October 2021.  


A text on Liam Young’s work
A text on Nye Thompson’s work
A text on Cassie McQuater’s work


About Off Site Project:

Off Site Project is an online curatorial platform founded by Pita Arreola-Burns and Elliott Burns in 2017. Through a programme of online homepage exhibitions; downloadable ZIP shows; and a residency situated in Google Maps, Off Site Project has created opportunities for emerging new media talent.

Over the course of four years, Off Site Project has supported the development of solo presentations and coordinated group exhibitions addressing subjects ranging from techno-colonialism in Latin America, screen based hauntology, the transgression between IRL and URL environments, and luxury as a response to existential emergency. Frequently Off Site Project works in close collaboration with artists, partnering experience in UX design and online exhibition making with artistic intention, employing this as a model to expand an architectonical understanding of how the online gallery can connect and interact with audiences.

Through partnerships, Off Site Project has created exhibitions for Anonymous Gallery, the Austrian Cultural Forum London, Electric Artefacts and isthisit?.

On the subject of digital galleries and art communities, Off Site Project have been invited to speak and deliver workshops at Central Saint Martins, Centro de Cultura Digital, De:Formal Gallery, the Digital Research in the Humanities and Arts 2020 conference, Goldsmiths University of Arts London, Modern Art Oxford, the Royal College of Art, Somerset House Studios, Silicon Valet, Tate Exchange, the UCL Multimedia Anthropology Lab and the Whitworth Gallery.

Off Site Project is a founding member of The Web Ring, a new online initiative promoting the activities of principally online galleries and arts platforms, and is supporting the development of Peer Magic, a network of academic support for artists, curators and writers exploring new media art and ecologies.

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