Out of Space.

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Out of Space

AVD Gallery (mobile, online)

01.11.2018 _30.11.2018

Ololade Adeniyi

Juan Covelli

Ed Florance

Text by Jack Smurthwaite: Seemingly Hallowed Screens, 2018 (PDF)


They sat down and considered the cloud as the new outer space, challenging conceptions of what space is. Indistinct and constantly changing and perpetually out of reach; aching to be explored. Their phone memory was almost full and there was the almost palpable compulsion hanging in the air to delete images and select memories and wipe everything else from their digital storage so they could continue with their life.


Ololade Adeniyi is a Nigerian – Australian new media artist. She works through an interdisciplinary practice of film, video, 2D mixed media, and multi-projection performance & installation. She holds a B.Arch (Honors) and a B.A in Illustration and Digital Media and is currently based in New York City. Her work has been shown at Present Company, Neiman Gallery, Outpost Artist Resources, AVD and Take Courage in London, Zumzeig Cine and Crater Lab in Barcelona. Her work investigates urban landscape patterns, migration and resettlement and the direct relationship they have in developing cultural identity. Adeniyi also explores how minority groups engage with technology along with the direct use of cinema as a tool to redefine space or reclaim spatial ownership.

Juan Covelli is an artist living and working in London. His work has focused on new materialities generated by the digital era, focusing, in particular, on the dynamics and approaches of the physical within the digital world. In his execution, he employs photography, video, 3D printing, coding, and data streaming, where data manipulation of the image is used to produce installation-based works, where digital and material collide. Recent shows include Nexicuitilamalt (2017) at ADM Galeria (Mexico City), Conecitng Columms (2017) Kochi Muzhiris Biennale (Kochi, India) Moscow International Biennale for Young Art (2016).

Ed Florance is a Birmingham based artist working with animation and digital displays. His work investigates an ambivalent reaction to the reality of being part of a computer-driven culture, unsure if we have communicated anything meaningful about how the basic fact of being inside that world impacts on our ability to say something about it. His animations compare our world with a strange technological mirror-image, examining looping sequences as they unfold fenced in by a computational machine. Recent exhibitions include Soft Shell, Stryx (Birmingham) Living in Hyperreality (Bath) and Technology: Past and Future (MediaCity UK).

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